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A leading group that provides state of the arts products and cost effective and feasible solutions in order to enrich, improve, and advance the life of Omani people. With experts in specific fields including technology, knowledge, and logistics horizons, to name a few, we strive to exceed expectations while fulfilling our obligations towards our nation, customers, and staff whom we aim to ensure are professionally equipped to meet 21st century global challenges...

AGP successfully delivers the first Transition Network's shipment for the Oil & Gas industry in Oman

June 2016

AGP hosts Transition Network's Regional Sales Manager , South-East Europe & Middle East in Muscat, Oman.

April 2016

AdvancED, world leader in accreditation and school improvement and a conglomeration of 6 US regional accreditation commissions, has renewed its recognition and approval of the AELTA International Teacher Certificate (ITC) program. Any teacher holding a bachelor's degree and completing this program is fully deemed employable in any of AdvancED globally accredited schools. AdvancED has a network of 32,000 institutions in more than 70 countries, while serving over 600 institutions outside of the United States.

August 2015

AELTA-AGP conducts a University of Colorado Denver partnership course, "Professional Penetration Testing" at Dubai Higher Institute of Technology, UAE with its IT collaborator.

May 2015

We are now a member of the JSRS - Joint Supplier Registration Supplier for the Oil & Gas Industry in Oman.

April 2015

Six Sigma Can Take You and Your Organization Further in 2015 - Companies and organizations of all sizes are cutting costs and boosting productivity and profits by introducing Six Sigma into their culture. A variety of industries can implement Six Sigma to realize improved productivity and profit include, but not limited to: manufacturing enterprises, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and service providers of all kinds and all sizes. Contact for more information.

March 2015

AELTA has successfully delivered a seminar to 150 educators on the topic, "Paradigm Shift: 21st Century Teaching and Learning - Ensuring Teacher Evaluations Lead to Teacher Growth". The seminar was conducted in a local Omani private school auditorium. A follow-up project will be executed with these educators to collect data on the impact of clinical observation in classroom learning environments in local private schools.

January 31, 2015

The AELTA Professional Development Center successfully completed its re-accreditation review visit from January 10-15. The AdvancED Review Team has recommended the center for full re-accreditation for an additional 5-year term.

January 15, 2015

The workshop, "Needs Assessment for Quality Assurance Training and Support" was conducted at the College of Applied Sciences in Sur (CAS-Sur). Participants included the assistant dean, heads of departments, faculty, administrators and quality assurance staff. Participants learned methods and usage of tools to identify priorities in training and support as they undergo quality assurance and accreditation processes. They engaged in collaborative activities to unpack their recommendations and determine specific, targeted needs.

November 17, 2014