SEO Company in Oman

AGP is the Best SEO Company in Oman. Search Engine Submission tools make easy to submit website URL to the search engine. The reason for submitting the website is to optimize exposure of our websites. Before submission, you should ensure that you have all the information. Make sure that the paragraph that you are writing should include the keywords. The paragraph written on your website should actually describe your website. Once you have submitted your site you will have to wait till your website is analyzed by the search engines and then your website is listed on the search engine. It is the most effective way to promote the business over the Internet.

SEO – The Growth Driver

The whole world is abuzz with SEO. In fact, much has been talked about it. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses around the world still do not conform to the SEO practices. SEO is not a one-time exercise! Instead, it must be carried out on a regular basis to maintain the strong online presence of your business. We at AGP-Digital Marketing Company offer you affordable SEO Service.

Why Do You Need SEO Services?

Well, millions of sites are uploaded every day on a worldwide basis. It means you are not alone in the virtual world and gone are the days when you used to consider yourself as a niche marketer. The Internet revolution has helped businesses overcome the physical barriers. There lies the importance of SEO for your online business. You will be surprised to know that the search engine giant Google alone has more than 200 algorithms that keep fine-tuning from time to time.

What About The Rest?

You need our expert SEO service and we promise to bring in the cutting edge techniques to your business with our state-of-the-art SEO practices.

Key Areas of Our SEO Practices

User-friendly SEO Domain & URL: User-friendly SEO domain and URL go miles together in favor of your business and we have the mastery in it. In fact, the domain name and the URL of your site increase the brand salience thereby pushing sales up. The thumb rule here is that the simpler the better they are for the people to remember and thus, brand registering with the target group and prospects become easy. Content Service: You are neither present physically online nor it’s possible. Therefore, the content of your site must be interactive, fresh and precise to your online visitors. We have years of expertise and experience in developing contents worldwide. Link Building: Link building is important for increasing the traffic to your site and only an expert like us can manage this better. Your site needs social links through the pages like Facebook, G+ page, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn to name a few for the purpose. Speed: We make sure that your site uploads and becomes fully operational within a second. Creating Experiential Zones: We create experiential zones for your online visitors by uploading photographs and movie clips. In the process, they spend more time with you and end up buying stuff from you.

Our Motto is Digital Excellence

At Alazizi Global Projects, we have years of experience navigating the fast-evolving digital landscape and delivering quality digital marketing services. We have a long history of delivering successful business outcomes for clients from diverse industry verticals. We owe this success to our motto of “Digital Excellence.” Our culture of going above and beyond to deliver results, no matter what!

Our Digital Marketing Company comprises of passionate marketers and certified professionals who are adept at handling all aspects of Digital – from Search to Content to Social to Paid Media to Design and everything in between. Each ones of us lives by our motto of #DigitalExcellence and knows what it takes to succeed.

Search Engine Optimization

Seo Service in Oman

If your target audience in search engines does not find your products and services, then you are missing a significant number of prospective customers who are looking for information regarding your product, service or organization and AGP Offer complete SEO Service in Oman

Search Engine Optimization or inbound marketing plays a critical role in ensuring the success of any organization and the business growth. It has to be perfect, so that your products and services are visible to millions of potential customers. Hence, it’s important to avoid any wrong step which will affect your brand presence in the digital space and as a result is positioned deep down in search engine result pages where it can’t be seen by your target audience.

Alazizi Global Projects is a well established  I.T. company in Saudi Arabia known for ethical Search Engine Optimization services. We can help you by becoming your Digital Marketing Services partner and optimize your online presence for inbound marketing and ensure business growth and development by showcasing your products and services to your target audience in a more advance technological way.

Before we do Search Engine Optimization, we do proper research for your business, understand your objectives and analyze your customer’s current tastes and preferences. Since search engine optimization is a continuous ongoing process we keep optimizing your website for search engines by periodically measuring the key performance indicators and optimizing your business accordingly. We can help you achieve success by constantly innovating and implementing new ideas which can boost the presence of your products and services online.

Some of the steps we include in our search engine optimization process:

Research for SEO

  • Clearly define objective of your business and internet presence
  • Brainstorm and understand your business for search queries your customers might be searching
  • Research chosen keywords or search queries
  • Record the best keywords depending upon search volume and relevancy of keywords as per your business
  • We will let analytics run for few weeks before starting search engine optimization (SEO) if you already have a website – This allows analytics to collect data and provide us with a baseline

Analyze for SEO

  • By using analytics and webmaster tools we will identify the current position of your website in various search engine result pages (SERP)
  • Evaluate the visual design and navigation architecture of your website – If the site drives your internet consumers away, no amount of SEO efforts will rank you well in search engines
  • Competitive analysis, create a list of competition and their performance on search engines


  • Depending on the research we will optimize your website as per your business requirement and your customer behavior on the internet i.e. search engines and search volume of the search queries
  • We will do search engine optimization which will cover onsite, offsite and local search optimization
  • Check compatibility between browsers and W3C standards


  • We will evaluate your website by using analytics tool to provide you reports of your website ranking in search engines, keyword ranking and visitor/traffic and conversion reports etc.