Tyre Killer


Security Tyre Killer




Features of Tyre Killer

  • Uni-directional & Bi-directional types for high-level anti-terrorism and security
  • Easy install/maintain, lock by expansion bolts, built-in wiring pipe
  • Fast lifting speed, 1-2s for rise, 1-2s for up
  • It can be easily integrate with IR, loop detector, barrier gate, security bollards and road blocker, or other access control devices
  • A3 Steel body, solid and endurable structure, low noise
  • The body surface and control center with spray paint for outdoor use, waterproof and rust protection
  • Axis design for disassembly makes it easy to exchange actuator
  • In case of emergency, the spikes will support manually rise/drop
  • 3-year warranty support


Model No DSSP9001
Rising Time 1-2s
Dropping Time 1-2s
Dimension-Length 1m-6m (On request)
Width 550mm (Uni-directional)/800mm (Bi-directional)
Height(Dropping) 80mm
Height of Spikes(Rising) 120mm (Uni-directional)/80mm (Bi-directional)
Thickness of Spikes 10mm
Thickness of Panel 12mm
Axis φ25mm,45#steel-solid
Surface Color Green/Red/Yellow




Color of Reflective Tape Yellow/Black/White
Bracket, Spikes 2 layers spray paint
Actuator Single (Uni-directional)/Double (Bi-directional)
Control System Single-Chip Microcomputer Controller
Control Center Spray paint(Outdoor use)
Remote Control Distance 100m
Wire Switch Optional
Manually Rising/Dropping Yes
Power Supply 220VAC
Power Consumption 220W (Uni-directional)/400W (Bi-directional)
Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ 55℃