As one of the world’s best trucking companies, AGP Logistic Solutions has expertise in a wide range of customized global transportation. We work with industry leaders like General Motors, Chrysler and Ford Motor Company. Utilizing the latest in satellite technology, we cover vast areas of the globe with trucks, rail, ocean, air carriers, warehousing and cross docking.

AGP Logistics Solutions provides Full Service, One-Stop TRUE Logistics services.
We are leading pioneers in International and Domestic Logistics.
We are located in Windsor, Ontario the heart of the automotive sector of North America.
We believe that our first responsibility is to our clients who depend on us to deliver their shipments promptly, safely, and on time.

We track our customer’s shipments 24/7 using the latest satellite tracking and a team of fully trained experts. The perseverance, loyalty and willingness of our staff to strive for excellence has allowed Transit Logistics to compete successfully in today’s growing marketplace. We deliver a full array of logistics services from warehousing, distribution, export packing, container loading, and local to long haul tracking services. With our vast range of experience, partnering with industry leaders has positioned us to continue developing the scope of our services and logistic solutions.

Our Experience, Innovation and Technology, working in conjunction with, will help you improve your efficiencies by continually evaluating, adjusting and re-adjusting your JIT Strategies, Consolidations, Milk-Runs, Part Number Tracking, Supplier Routing Control, Dynamic Placement and providing the Guaranteed Lowest Cost at the time of Placement.

In addition to determining the best strategies, methods and processes; we also implement them directly through our on-going management services.

What We Do

At AGPLogistics Solutions, we tailor all services to the exact needs of our customers. Our team is highly motivated and trained with expertise and experience in designing and operating the best logistic solutions for you. Your decision to engage in our services will be your first step towards cost-effective transportation efficiency.

Our People

We hire people with high creativity, flexibility, and customer service skills. Our employees are experts in many industries. They have the technology and expertise to solve logistics challenges and move products from origin to destination, anywhere in the Saudi Arabia, door to door.

Our logistics services can help you ship your:

  • Intermodal and consumer packaged goods
  • Industrial goods, bulk commodities and internal products
  • Oversized, machinery and alternative energy components


By trusting us with your transportation plans, you’ll have:

  • Access to competitive transportation services
  • Focused cost-containment (we will look for ways to save money)
  • Best-fit logistics plan that meets your customer service commitments
  • Visibility of shipments and orders
  • Integrated invoicing for all service components within the logistics plan
  • Performance measures and monitoring
  • Single point of contact and a bird’s-eye view of shipments and orders across various transportation and logistics stages
  • Problem resolution for shipment and information management
  • Trade document management for import/export, customs and US cross-border movements
  • Securing the appropriate railway clearances and routing for safe, efficient and damage-free transportation