PayOman is a leading fintech subsidiary of AGP. Our aim with PayOman is to empower people in Oman with easy, fast, cashless payment solutions is for the local communities and small business with few clicks without need of cards or expensive POS system and to grow to be the preferred fintech app in Oman.


With the pandemic hitting home, access to basic financial services became crucial for small/community businesses and local citizens. Unlike large companies/businesses affording expensive hardware/ POS system and also access to luxury service such as VIP branches/online banking, small merchants struggle in our communities around the nation. Hence, PayOman was born to fill the gaps via mobile phone for fast, affordable, secure cashless transaction to process payments, pay bills, and transfer funds with few clicks without need of cards or expensive system.


Both the “merchant” and the “customer” complete cashless transactions in seconds with a phone. PayOman is a free app for both merchants and customers. Per transaction fee will be deducted from the Merchants side.