Jumpstart your Grocery business with a world class Grocery Portal

Distorting the style of purchasing groceries online and delivering the groceries at the shoppers doorstep, AGP  develops a constructive application developing the pinnacle quality where customer can easily explore the multiple no of products through advance search options, can avoid going in hectic crowded place & standing their for a long time in a queue.

Dispatch your online grocery store

Get an appealing grocery app developed for your stores & manage your grocery business effortlessly.

Get personalized

We remember what customers are looking for so that from the next time when they shop we show them their like preferences.


We represent statistics of all the data including total customers, total products, total transactions occurring, etc.


Shop cashless- customer can simply shop and pay using wallet through grocery mobile app and web portal.


Forget about visiting to store & remaining in a queue. We bring, simplifies grocery online shopping experience for everyone.

Schedule later

With the grocery app and web search for products, instantly add to cart & schedule it as frequently as you might want.


Referral code option for engaging more & more customer just enters your received referral code & avail the offer.