Multi-Vendor E-commerce Platform

Marketplace Multi-Vendor Website Development Services at Affordable Price

Why Start a Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Store?

As a business owner it will be impossible for you to stock and ship all the items you are selling online. Stocking of items cause a huge pileup in dead inventory as well as incur a major warehousing cost which eats up your profit margins online. At this point a Marketplace model comes to your rescue which works on a just-in-time model for product order fulfillment. Through the Alazizi Global Project’s Multi Vendor Ecommerce platform a buyer on your store can create order for multiple items which is split automatically according to the sellers fulfilling the order. The sellers can thru their panel fulfill the orders and the system automatically takes care of the amounts to be recieved to paid to the seller.

Fully Customizable Design

Make your website unique and benefit from exclusive design and features. Do not restrict yourself and your website to a fixed template or theme. Make it stand out among the competition.

  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Useful and effective eCommerce web design, driven by best practices
  • Customize not just the look of the website but also promotional emails and newsletters
  • Match your website with your way of getting things done

More Security – More Stability

Supported by a fully customizable encrypted code, our multi-vendor e-commerce platforms are hack-proof & can be guarded further with an additional layer of protection depending upon the needs of a business.

Frequent Analytics

A Multi-vendor E-commerce platform is a treasure trove of information. We configure your site to capture and process all the data to provide you a quick insight into the details about your customers. With this, you get to understand your business better and accordingly bring in customizations.